High Roller Wins 3/4 of a Million Pounds Playing Live Roulette

In the long run, the casino always wins at roulette. However, in the short term a lucky punter can be up. One lucky player, known only as John, won over 3/4 of a million pounds playing live roulette at Bet Victors casino.


At first I thought this might be a typo, as if its possible to win that much money playing roulette. Surely the law of large numbers and the house edge would eventually catch up with you. I checked on the live chat though and its true. No typo. Someone won £759, 471 playing live roulette.


He must have been playing for high stakes. At £90,000 max bet a spin on the ‘Club Victor’ live roulette table would only have to be up 9 spins to win £81,0000. You would have to be an extremely high roller to be better that much though. More likely he’s been playing all month and a long lucky streak.


The fellow is no as lucky as Mike Ashley who won £1.3 million playing roulette though.

If you fancy a try at winning, [sc:victorlivetxt]Bet Victor Casino offer a fantastic £175 sign up bonus, plus a VIP and loyalty scheme second to none. I bet “John” will be at the top of the VIP list for sure.

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