Game Description
Lucky Star is a game based on roulette, with an oriental twist. Instead of 37 numbers though, this has 9 (0-8) numbers repeated. The board is a star shape. The numbers 0 and 8 appear twice whereas the numbers 1-7 appear 5 times.

You can bet on a single number which pays out 44.0. This appears to be too generous as there are only 39 slots but its right because the ball can land on the ‘number 1’ more than once. This is why betting on ‘1’ gives a return of 22.0 because each ‘1’ has 2 chances of coming out. This is why the odd and even payouts are different. In standard games of roulette, odd and even always pay the same. In Lucky Star its not the case though.

The hi/ low and red/ black odds are also different. There are also a few bets in Chinese which bet on the edges of the stars.

Working out the edge is pretty straight forward. There are 45 effect slots and the game pays out at 44.0, so the payout is 97.78%. This is slightly better than normal European roulette, which is 97.30%. I still prefer playing the regular game of roulette though.

Betting Limits
These are the limits for the practice game of lucky star.
BetMinimum Bet (£)Maximum Bet (£)Returns
Straight Up (except 1)0.50100044.0
Red 0.5010002.2
Free £10
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