Game Description
Golden Clover is a game based on roulette. Instead of a roulette wheel, they have a golden clover. The odds and bets are slightly different to normal roulette. There are the standard 36 numbers and what appears to be 2 noughts and 2 crosses. This is a bit misleading as at first glance there appears to be only 40 numbers in total.

However, a straight up bet pays out at 42.0. How can this be if there are only 40 numbers? Its because the way the ball goes round the board. The noughts and crosses are in the middle and can be landed on a total of 4 times each going round. Imagine stretching out the board, you’ll see that they appear 4 times each in the sequence.

This is what gives the game its edge. There are 44 outcomes but the game only pays out at 42.0. This gives a payout of 95.45% which is much lower than standard roulette. The strange payout table can be seen below. With the odd payouts, 2.3x for orange or green might look fantastic but it doesn’t change the fact the game is not as good as normal roulette.

Betting Limits
These are the limits for Golden Clover.
BetMinimum Bet (£)Maximum Bet (£)Returns
Straight Up1100042.0
Odd/ Even
North, East, South or West110004.6
0 or X1100010.5
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