Bet Victor (formerly Victor Chandler) is a large independent UK bookmaker based in Gibraltar. Victor spotted an opening to avoid the betting duty in the 90s and moved his operation over to Gibraltar to avoid paying the 9% on betting. Today, Bet Victor is the largest online bookmakers which in turn means it can bet trusted to provide a fun and safe gaming environment.


Roulette Games
Bet Victor has a total 14 roulette games in the RNG roulette. These are

  • European Roulette – Standard game powered by Realistic Games Ltd. Straight up stakes from 25p up to £500. Has La Partage rule where there is half back on green.
  • Roulette – Standard European roulette powered by Electracade.
  • Euro Roulette – Another European roulette game. Chose low stakes from 10p up to a massive £5000 on red or black.
  • Pinball Roulette – A roulette game based on the traditional pinball board with a bonus game where you can win 10x your money.
  • VIP French Roulette – High Stakes European roulette with French bets. Has Auto play feature. Not clear whether La Partage rules apply.
  • Real Deal Roulette – European Roulette with a virtual host. A bit gimmicky. May as well play live roulette or straight RNG.
  • Pin Ball – Roulette game based on a traditional pinball board but with only 25 numbers. Return is only 96% so poor compared to ordinary roulette.
  • Roulette American – American roulette game powered by Realistic Games Ltd with various limits. No point in playing due to the double zero.
  • American Roulette – As above but with different graphics and limits. Still not point in playing.
  • VIP Roulette – High Stakes European roulette powered by NetEnt.
  • Roulette French 10p min – French roulette with a 10p minimum bet and a £50 maximum.
  • Roulette French £1 min – French roulette with a £1 minimum bet and a £500 maximum.
  • Roulette 10p min – European roulette with a 10p minimum bet and a £50 maximum.
  • Roulette £1 min – European roulette with a £1 minimum bet and a £500 maximum.

With such a variety of games and wide range of stakes there is a table for everyone. The standard European Roulette game is the best as it gives you La Partage rules which reduces the house edge. If you are betting on the inside though, you can play any of the French or European tables as they are more or less the same.

With so many roulette games its not really feasible or desirable to list all the stakes available on all the roulette tables. Here are a couple, one for the high roller and one for the low roller.

Payout table and minimum and maximum bets you can place on the European Roulette game with the highest maximum bets.

BetMinimum Bet (£)Maximum Bet (£)PayoutMinimum Return including stake (£)Maximum Return including stake (£)
Straight Up2550035 to 190018000
Split25100017 to 145018000
Street25150011 to 130018000
Corner2520008 to 122518000
Line2530005 to 115018000
Column/Dozen10050002 to 130015000
Odd/ Even
1-18/ 19-36
100100001 to 120020000

Payout table and minimum and maximum bets you can place on the Roulette £0.10 Min game. Note, there is a table max of £50 too.

BetMinimum Bet (£)Maximum Bet (£)PayoutMinimum Return including stake (£)Maximum Return including stake (£)
Straight Up0.10135 to 13.6036
Split0.10217 to 11.8036
Street0.10311 to 11.2036
Corner0.1048 to 10.8036
Line0.1065 to 10.6036
Column/Dozen0.10202 to 10.3060
Odd/ Even
1-18/ 19-36
0.10501 to 10.20100

Live Roulette
Live roulette at Bet Victor is second to none. With 4 lobbies there is a live roulette game for every taste. These are

  • Victors Live Casino The flagship casino. Based in Gibraltar this is the ultimate live casino experience from your own home.
  • Bet Victor Grand Powered by Evolution gaming with the studio in Latvia, be dazzled by the gorgeous eastern European girls. Has the low stakes air powered roulette tables too, bets from 10p and 20p.
  • Victors Palace Live roulette from Estonia.
  • Club Victor Live Roulette from Canada

Live Roulette Stakes
Victors live roulette stakes are some of the highest online, if not the highest. Bet up £90000 on red or black at Club Victor, the other 3 live casinos, have £15000 limits on even money bets. Enough for all but the highest rollers.

With a minimum bet of £5 and a maximum of £90000, anyone trying out the martingale system can withstand a run of 15 reds before they hit the house limit. Other than the casinos where, the minimum stakes is a penny, this is the highest number of rounds I’ve seen possible at a casino online.

This live roulette table is ideal if you want to try out systems at you are very unlikely to every hit the bet maximum. In effect, £90k on a bet is unlimited to most people. The biggest problem is how to deposit that much money I think. I haven’t got that much money but if I tried to transfer that to the online casino, the bank would surely make me transfer it in stages.

Payout table for Club Victor Live Casino, Club Victor.

BetMinimum Bet (£)Maximum Bet (£)PayoutMinimum Return including stake (£)Maximum Return including stake (£)
Straight Up5300035 to 1180105000
Split51000017 to 190180000
Street51500011 to 160180000
Corner5200008 to 145180000
Line5300005 to 130180000
Column/Dozen5600002 to 115180000
Odd/ Even
1-18/ 19-36
5900001 to 110180000

Payout table for the air powered roulette table at Bet Victor Grand. Its rare to get live roulette for stakes of 10p. Most of the time its £1 minimum.

BetMinimum Bet (£)Maximum Bet (£)PayoutMinimum Return including stake (£)Maximum Return including stake (£)
Straight Up0.102535 to 13.60900
Split0.105017 to 11.80900
Street0.107511 to 11.20900
Corner0.101008 to 10.80900
Line0.101505 to 10.60900
Column/Dozen0.103002 to 10.30900
Odd/ Even
1-18/ 19-36
0.105001 to 10.201000

Deposit Methods
Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Skrill 1-Tap, Neteller, Ukash, EntroPay, PaySafeCard, Skrill (MB) Diners, UK Domestic Bank Transfers, International Bank Transfers.

Minimum deposits
The minimum deposit is £5 by all methods apart from PayPal and bank transfers which are £10.

Sign up bonus
The sign up bonus at Bet Victor Casino is £200 matched. The old bonus was like a deposit bonus in that you deposit, £175 and get £175 free and have to wager it. This one you just have to play. If you are lucky you could deposit a fiver and get the £175 free.

Now with the new bonus of £200 matched you get all the money upfront. Roulette counts 20% towards the wagering requirement.

There are no bonus codes to get this bonus. You just need to sign up and play.

Roulette Bonus Restrictions
Bets on RNG roulette are excluded from the wagering requirements but live roulette is fine and counts 100%.

Other bonuses
Bet Victor is for giving his players the best bonuses. The best one is just the members bonus. This is an amount from £5 to £3000 given every week to players that have wagered the previous week. They don’t give out the formula but its based on deposits, frequency of play, games played, wagers and profit/ loss. My guess is the last one is weighted the most.

Loyalty/ VIP scheme
Victor has an exclusive, invite VIP scheme. play enough and you will get an invite. With the VIP scheme you get your own personal account manager, special bonuses on top of your member bonus and invites to hospitality events.


Overall, Bet Victor is a great casino to play roulette at. With its wide choice of games, multiple stake levels and great bonuses its one of the best casinos to play roulette at. If we gave out ratings, it would certainly be a ten out of ten casino.

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