Game Description
Roulette Professional is the same that incorporates the low and high stakes game as well as giving you extra options.

The minimum bet is 1p on all bets, inside and out. The maximum bet on the outside is £5000. This means you can withstand a run of 19 reds in a row before you hit the house limit if you start with 1p stakes and can bet up to £2621.44 on the 19th spin. Its a lot of money to win a penny so you are best off starting with a higher stake than 1p.

The other options are autoplay. This will keep playing the same numbers until the conditions are met. This is either the set number of spins has occured, a single win amount exceeds a certain amount, total winnings exceed a certain amount or losses reach a certain amount. With the turbo feature you can bet a lot of money in a short amount of time. Best off only using if you are a seasoned pro or you could lose all your money.

The other feature which is only available in real mode is favrorite bets. For example, if you like betting around the 17 and don’t want to keep selecting the chips, you can save it as a favourite.


This will save the regular player much time and no chance of errors once the bets have been favourited. If you have a system which relies on betting differently according to whats gone on in the past but in a limited way, then this could also be a great time save. Its only available in real play mode though.

Betting Limits
These are the limits for the practice game of roulette professional. There is a very high overall table limit too which I have not been able to hit to find out.
BetMinimum Bet (£)Maximum Bet (£)Payout
Straight Up0.0150035 to 1
Split0.0150017 to 1
Street0.0150011 to 1
Corner0.015008 to 1
Line0.015005 to 1
Column/Dozen0.0150002 to 1
Odd/ Even
1-18/ 19-36
0.0150001 to 1
Free £10
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