Win £5000 on roulette from 1p

[sc:SkyVegasTxt-2 ]Sky Vegas has a unique roulette table in that it allows bets from 1p. This is low, most casinos have limits of 10p, 20p or even £1. Not only do they have 1p starting stakes but a maximum of £5000. This high limit allows for some interesting systems to be used.

One of the things most mathematicians tell you is that roulette is not beatable. The house edge will eventually win. This is true but there are exceptions. The house edge allows the casino to on average, say over the course of a night, win but individual players can also be up if they are lucky. I really wouldn’t rely on that to win at roulette though.

The way to increase a players luck in roulette is to have a large difference between the minimum and maximum bet. Increasing luck may not be the best term for this but it does favour the system bettor. Systems do work all the way until they no longer work. A string of bad numbers can ruin what was once a profitable system. The most famous of all systems, the Martingale, actually does work in the short term but in the long term a string of 10 blacks (or whatever) will come and ruin the player.

However, if the player finds a friendly table and has a high bank roll, they can potentially win. That is why many roulette tables have a minimum bet of £1 and a maximum bet of £1000. This allows a player to double up about 10 times before the table limit is hit. The odds of tens reds in a row are slim in a single sequence of 10 spins but over a 10000 spins, its almost certain to appear. See here for an explanation.

I would no recommend the Martingale though as it is very risky. You can make some money in the short term but unless you are lucky, you’ll go bankrupt at some point.

How would you go about making £5000 from 1p? You can use something called the reverse Martingale. You double up after every win rather than every loss. So the staking table would look like this.

Bet Number Stake Win
1 1p £0.02
2 2p £0.04
3 4p £0.08
4 8p £0.16
5 16p £0.32
6 32p £0.64
7 64p £1.28
8 £1.28 £2.56
9 £2.56 £5.12
10 £5.12 £10.24
11 £10.24 £20.48
12 £20.48 £40.96
13 £40.96 £81.92
14 £81.92 £163.84
15 £163.84 £327.68
16 £327.68 £655.36
17 £655.36 £1,310.72
18 £1310.72 £2,621.44
19 £2621.44 £5,242.88

This only works on Sky Vegas at the gap between minimum and maximum bet is so big.

[sc:SkyVegasTxt-2 ]skyvegas-1p

If you win 19 bets in a row starting with 1p, you win £5,242.88 minus your penny. You’re going to have to have a few goes at this to win but if you always go back to 1p after each loss, the most you’ll lose in a night won’t be much.

The odds of 19 even money bets winning a row are 0.00000113329 or 1 in 882378.993211 but crucially not zero. You might have to play a lot of rounds but at least you’ll only be losing a penny a go.

Whats better is that Sky Vegas are offering £10 no deposit so you can have 1000 goes for free. [sc:SkyVegasTxt-2 ]Sign up here

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