Boylesport is Ireland’s second most well known bookmaker. The offer some fantastic odds and aren’t as whacky as their more well known Irish rivals but are just as solid.


Roulette Games

Boylesport have the majority of Playtech roulette games. They have 12 in total.

  • 3D Roulette – Roulette with the wheel in 3d.
  • American Roulette – Double Zero roulette do not play.
  • European Roulette – Standard single zero roulette.
  • French Roulette – French bets and La Partage rules.
  • Marvel Roulette – Roulette game based on Marvel Superheroes.
  • NewAr Roulette – Strange roulette betting board. Can bet on even/red and black/odd which may appeal to some.
  • Premium American Roulette – American roulette with better graphics.
  • Premium Roulette pro – European roulette with better graphics and advanced bets.
  • Premium European Roulette – European roulette with better graphics
  • Premium French Roulette – French roulette with better graphics.
  • Roulette Pro – Simple roulette table with, French, Call and Neighbours bets.
  • Video Roulette – La Partage rules and spectacular graphics.

The problem with the roulette stakes at Boyle Sport is that they cater neither for the high roller or the low roller. Minimum bets are £1 whereas maximum bets are £250.

They do have roulette in the game section though which is powered by Realistic Gaming and offers a much better roulette experience than in the games section. You can play roulette on the inside from just 20p.


Payout table and minimum and maximum bets you can place on the European Roulette on Boyles Games Roulette.

BetMinimum Bet (£)Maximum Bet (£)PayoutMinimum Return including stake (£)Maximum Return including stake (£)
Straight Up0.205035 to 17.201800
Split0.2010017 to 13.601800
Street0.2015011 to 12.401800
Corner0.202008 to 11.801800
Line0.203005 to 11.201800
Column/Dozen1.005002 to 13.001500
Odd/ Even
1-18/ 19-36
1.0010001 to 12.002000


Live Roulette
The live roulette, like the casino is powered by Playtech too. It suffers from the same problem as the RNG casino in that it doesn’t really cater for the high or low roller. If you are middle of the road its great but nothing special.

Live Roulette Stakes

BetMinimum Bet (£)Maximum Bet (£)PayoutMinimum Return including stake (£)Maximum Return including stake (£)
Straight Up1.005035 to 136.001800
Split1.0010017 to 118.001800
Street1.0015011 to 112.001800
Corner1.002008 to 19.001800
Line1.003005 to 16.001800
Column/Dozen1.00502 to 13.00150
Odd/ Even
1-18/ 19-36
1.001001 to 12.00200
Payout table live roulette.


Deposit Methods
Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller, PaySafeCard, Skrill, Cheque and Cash. Cash is a strange one but if you live near a bookie shop then you can deposit in the shop and play online.

Minimum deposits
The minimum deposit is £5 by all methods.

Sign up bonus
The sign up bonus for the Boyle Sports Games roulette is £20/ €20 risk free. You must play at least 10 rounds and if you end up losing overall on the first day you play, then Boyles will refund you up to £20.

Roulette Bonus Restrictions
As the games offer is a cashback offer rather than deposit offer, there is no roulette restriction.

Other bonuses
The best bonus is the VIP scheme on the Live casino. This offers birthday bonuses, anniversary bonuses and monthly deposit bonuses up to £/€1,000 in real cash.

Loyalty/ VIP scheme
The casino and games have their own loyalty schemes.

The games scheme is based on precious metals. The more you play the higher you get. The first level is bronze, then go up to silver, gold, platinum, diamond and diamond plus. For every £10 you wager, you get 1 point.

To get to bronze, you need 1000 points and this is worth £20 in real cash. It goes all the way up to diamond plus which is 50,000 points and is worth £1000.

The casino/ live casino scheme is based on cards. There are 7 levels, 2,3,4,5,6,7 and Ace. You get 1 ace point for every £10 wagered on the casino. Some games are weighted but thats the rate for roulette.

As you acquire more points, you get more benefits. Get up to Ace level and you get the corporate hospitality.


Boylesport is a decent enough place to play roulette. It does lack the low or high stakes although you can play for 20p on the Boyle Games section. The sign up bonus is a risk free bet so its better than most.

Unfortunately the casino sign up bonus isn’t very good at all for roulette players. Its more geared towards slots. The plus side is that the loyalty bonuses are good and the Ace loyalty scheme does pay out well on the higher levels.

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