Sky Vegas is a subsidiary of BSkyB a British television company. Founded in 2003, it has over a decade of providing the best online casino experience. The casino slogan of the company is “All the best games, all in one place” due to the fact, they run so many games from so many different providers.


Roulette Games

Sky Vegas don’t run your standard Microgaming or Playtech casinos so you will get different games to most places and with some really low stakes. Play from just 1p a spin.

  • High Stakes Roulette – European Roulette with High stakes.
  • Roulette – Low Stakes – European Roulette with stakes from just 1p.
  • Multiball Roulette – Play up to 8 roulette balls on 1 table.
  • Roulette Professional – combines high and low stakes roulette, minimum bet 1p, maximum bet £5000.
  • Double Action Roulette – roulette table with 2 wheels. Bet on the inside wheel, outside wheel or both. Get 1200/1 if you get both numbers correct.
  • 3 Wheel Roulette – roulette table with 3 wheels. Have to bet on the same numbers for each wheel.
  • Zodiac Roulette – A variation of mini roulette but instead of 13 numbers, there are 12 star signs and a zero making up the 13 slots. Poor odds so not really worth playing.
  • Double Bonus Roulette – Roulette with an extra wide slot which give a bonus. Even with the double zero, this bonus game pays out an average return to player (RTP) of 98.06%
  • Roulette Hot Streak – Roulette with a side game which allows you to win 25000x your stakes.
  • French Roulette – Roulette with French bets. No La Partage though.
  • Lucky Star – Roulette based game. Uses a star instead of a roulette board.
  • Pinball Roulette – Roulette but uses a pinball board to select the winning number rather than a wheel.
  • Golden Clover – Roulette based game but the board is a clover and has more slots than a regular roulette table.

You can play all these games in the free roulette section. The stand out game is the roulette professional. You can bet from 1p all the way up to £5000 on red. There isn’t much point in playing any of the other roulette games, as low stakes roulette, has a minimum bet of 1p whereas the high stake roulette has a max bet of £5000. Some of the IGT roulette games are interesting though and the rules actually decrease the house edge. Most of the time, special features and variations are there to mask an increase in the house edge.


Payout table and minimum and maximum bets you can place on the Roulette Professional casino game. This combines the best of high and low stakes roulette in one handy table.

BetMinimum Bet (£)Maximum Bet (£)PayoutMinimum Return including stake (£)Maximum Return including stake (£)
Straight Up0.0150035 to 10.3618000
Split0.0150017 to 10.189000
Street0.0150011 to 10.126000
Corner0.015008 to 10.094500
Line0.015005 to 10.063000
Column/Dozen0.0150002 to 10.0315000
Odd/ Even
1-18/ 19-36
0.0150001 to 10.0210000


1p roulette is the lowest you’ll get. If you sign up a euro account, you can bet with 1c so that’s smaller but Sky Vegas is generally geared towards the UK market so most people will play for a penny.

Live Roulette

There are a few live roulette tables at Sky Vegas. They offer 3 main roulette tables. They have your standard studio roulette games, with various limits. They have 10p and 20p live auto roulette tables. Finally they have an immersive roulette table which has stakes from 50p. The tables are generally pretty fast with the auto roulette spinning every 45 seconds and the live dealers every minute.

Live Roulette Stakes

Payout on the 10p live roulette table. They also have a 20p live roulette table. The limits and winnings are exactly double.

BetMinimum Bet (£)Maximum Bet (£)PayoutMinimum Return including stake (£)Maximum Return including stake (£)
Straight Up0.102535 to 13.60900
Split0.105017 to 11.80900
Street0.107511 to 11.20900
Corner0.101008 to 10.90900
Line0.101505 to 10.60900
Column/Dozen0.103002 to 10.30900
Odd/ Even
1-18/ 19-36
0.105001 to 10.201000


This is the payout table for the Immersive Roulette game.

BetMinimum Bet (£)Maximum Bet (£)PayoutMinimum Return including stake (£)Maximum Return including stake (£)
Straight Up0.505035 to 118.001800
Split0.5010017 to 19.001800
Street0.5015011 to 16.001800
Corner0.502008 to 14.501800
Line0.503005 to 13.601800
Column/Dozen0.506002 to 11.501800
Odd/ Even
1-18/ 19-36
0.5010001 to 11.002000


Deposit Methods
Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller, Diners, Bank Transfers.

Minimum deposits
The minimum deposit is £5.

Sign up bonus

Sky offer a generous £10 no deposit bonus for all new customers. You can’t actually ever withdraw this though. If you win, you can have the winnings but the £10 free can’t be withdrawn. The main deposit bonus is 200% up to £1000. So to get the full amount you have to deposit £500. To be able to withdraw the bonus you must turn over the bonus 25 times.

Roulette Bonus Restrictions
Bets on RNG and live roulette are counted as table games and will only count 10% to the bonus wagering requirements. This isn’t ideal but as the wagering requirement is based on just 25 times the bonus, its better than a lot of other roulette welcome bonuses.

Other bonuses

Sky run regular promotions to keep their players happy. Their favourite type is the stake back promotion. Get percentage of your losses back.

Loyalty/ VIP scheme

Sky Vegas current don’t have a VIP scheme but favour running a number of overt promotions onsite on a monthly basis.

Sky Vegas is a refreshing change from all the Playtech and Microgaming casino out there. By selecting a platform which allows them to plug in games from many different suppliers they are able to offer the best roulette games. With stakes from just 1p all the way up to £5000, this is perfect for the low roller as well as the high roller. Their 10p live roulette table is also ideal for low roller.

With a £10 no deposit bonus, there is no risk is trying out the casino and if you do decide to deposit, you get 200% up to £1000 which is one of the most generous on the market.

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