Game Description
Double action roulette is a twist on the game of roulette. Instead of a single wheel, there are two wheels spinning together thus generating two winning numbers.

With 2 wheels the betting is slightly different. You can play the inside as usual, apart from the street bet which I can’t see where to play. Due to the table being in a block of 6*6 its hard to see how to put a street bet on. Just remember that you have to chose between the outer and inner wheel. With inside bets, you can chose either wheel and the odds are both the same.

With the outside its a bit different. For that to win both wheels have to show the same outcome. For example, to win on red, both inner and outer wheels both need to show red. The chances of this are not the same as with a single wheel so the odds and payout are different.

The main feature is the double action track. This is where you place a bet on a single number and hope it comes up twice. The odds on this are a massive 1200 to 1 but the probability is 1 in 1369 give a massive house edge of 12.3%. Not really something you’d want to play.

While playing this game I was lucky enough to win double action roulette spin. Shame I only had a penny on it and it was practice play but was very lucky non the less.


Betting Limits
These are the betting stakes and odds for double action roulette game.
BetMinimum Bet (£)Maximum Bet (£)Payout
Straight Up0.0150035 to 1
Split0.0150017 to 1
Corner0.015008 to 1
Line0.015005 to 1
Column/Dozen0.0150008 to 1
Odd/ Even
1-18/ 19-36
0.0150003 to 1
Identical Numbers0.011001200 to 1
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