Game Description
Zodiac Roulette is another twist on the game of roulette. Unlike most, this one actually changes the odds. Unfortunately, its for the worse.

The game is based on the 12 star signs and a green zero. The bets are the same except for there is no line bet. As there are less symbols a line bet is the same as an even money bet such as red or black. The odds and payouts are slightly different though. Obviously a straight up bet is not going to pay 35/1, it pays 11/1 in this game.

The house edge on this game is terrible. With 13 outcomes and only paying out on 12 of them, the payout is only 92.31. This is definitely just a novelty game.

Betting Limits
These are the limits for the practice game of Zodiac Roulette
BetMinimum Bet (£)Maximum Bet (£)Payout
Straight Up0.0110011 to 1
Split0.011005 to 1
Street0.011003 to 1
Corner0.011002 to 1
Column/Dozen0.015002 to 1
Odd/ Even
1-6/ 7-12
0.015001 to 1
Free £10
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