Bet365 Roulette Limits

Bet365 is one of my favourite bookmakers. Ray Winstone is constantly on the TV promoting them. As an overall gambling site, its one of the best.

While doing my roulette game testing, I spotted an error in their roulette stakes table. I was just testing out their high stakes roulette pro table and encountered the strangest limits.


It says the minimum bet on the inside is £75 and so is the maximum. I am pretty sure, the minimum should be about £5 if the maximum is £75. No table has the same minimum and maximum bet.

The outside bets all say £100 for minimum and maximum too. That’s very strange too. You’d expect at least £1000 max bet if the minimum bet was £100.

Not only that, if you look at the table minimum and maximums, you’ll see that its only possible to have exactly 1 outside bet, between £100 and £150 or 2 inside bets which have to be exactly £75.

I brought this to their attention and hope they fix it soon. Visit their site [sc:bet365txt]here


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