Once in a while an operator tries to come up with a variation of roulette. Common examples include, lucky star and pinball roulette.

New AR roulette is a game which you can play in UK casinos and recently, Playtech have launched an online version of this. The game is the same as roulette but has a special side bet.


The side bet is either red and even or black and odd with a special number, usually zero, paying out an amount. The most common odds for this bet are 3/1 for the initial bet and even money for the special number bet. So for example,

A bet on Red/ Even, pays 3/1. £1 on that pays

£4 if its red and even.
£2 if its zero
else lose.

That is only the typical odds though. Some casinos will offer different odds and this will affect the house edge. The table below shows how the odds affect the house edge.

Black + Odd / Red +
Even pays;
Zero (or other selected
bonus number) pays;
House Edge

Online, Paddypower offer NEWAR Roulette. They offer slightly better odds that the standard. Zero pays 2-1 so the house edge is 5.4% in this instance. This is better than the standard NEWAR roulette edge but also the same as American Roulette so not very appealing.


If you do fancy trying out the side bet, [sc:paddy-txt-rng]Paddypower is the place to play.