In part 1, I talked about how people used biased wheels to beat the casino. The problem with biased wheels is that there aren’t that many around and it takes a long time to find them.

A better physical method to beat roulette is to use the roulette computer. The theory behind this is that, you can predict roughly where the ball is going to land by taking measurements of the ball as it goes round the wheel. If you wait until just before the croupier says no more bets, you predict within so many numbers where the ball will land.

The measurements and calculations are far too complex for a human to do with the naked eye and brain power alone but a lazer and minicomputer can do the trick. The device won’t tell you exactly where the ball will land but even reducing the options to half the board is enough to crush the house edge.

If you can get it to within 6 either way, you are pretty much certain to win. This is what happened in the Ritz in 2004. A trio of players, 2 men and a woman went in and won £1.3 million. They apparently used a lazer to predict where the ball would land.

Ritz Roulette Scam Video.

The funny thing is that after several months of investigation the trio were able to keep their winnings. Its not illegal in the UK to use a computer to help you on the roulette wheel as long as you are not interfering with the game.