Casinos offer other things to keep you playing. In real life, they may offer you loyalty points, free drinks or a meal. In the online casino, most will offer some type of comp point system.

The comp point system varies from casino to casino but the general principle is the same. You get points every time you make a wager. Typically, this is 1 point for every £10 wagered and each point is worth 1p. This doesn’t sound very much but over the course of a session you can wager thousands from an initial deposit of £100.

Some places use these points to get on the VIP ladder. As you gain points, you move up, usually from difference precious metals or stones, for example, bronze, silver, gold, platinum. With each VIP level the perks get better. You may get a better comp point exchange rate. On the higher tiers of these VIP schemes you a dedicated account manager, special bonuses and cashback.

On the top tiers, you will get corporate hospitality and be invited to all the top sporting events. The best casinos for corporate hospitality are your big bookmaker brands.