Traditionally online roulette has all been random number generated. Where the ball lands is determined by a computer generating a random number. Hence the name RNG roulette. With advances in technology, live roulette has become possible. This require not only more computing power but more bandwidth. In recent years this hasn’t been a problem and everyone with a PC and broadband connection can play live roulette.

The problem with RNG roulette is that there’s always the suspicion in the back of your mind that the casino are rigging it. When those 10 reds in a row come out that bust your system, you think the casino have flipped the ‘cheat switch’. There is no need to worry though. Online casinos usually buy in the software from 3rd parties so couldn’t tamper with the software even if they wanted to.

The fact is that mathematics shows they will win in the long run always so why risk a good thing by cheating when they’ll win anyway. Not all casinos use 3rd party software. Some do write their own propriety games. Even so, these are externally audited so the outcomes are sufficiently random.

With live roulette, there are 3 ways this can be done. Firstly and most popular is the studio roulette wheel. This is where a company will have a room full of casino games and will just spin/ deal to the camera. Then there is the real live casino feed, where the wheel is spun by a croupier at a real casino. Finally, there is the air powered roulette. This is where the ball is fired by a blast of air on a wheel. The outcome is determined by where the ball lands but no humans are involved.

The air powered roulette tables are the fastest. With no croupier and no physical payouts to make, the machines can spin up to every 45 seconds and probably faster but they need to leave time to let people place their bets. Next comes the studio roulette, the croupiers don’t have to pay anyone out so can just spin the ball at regular intervals. At the real live casino, the croupier has to payout all the winners before the next round can begin and give people sufficient time to place their bets.

As roulette is roulette and there isn’t much variation, the choice of live or RNG is personal preference. An advantage may be a disadvantage depending on how you look at it. For example, RNG roulette is much faster than live roulette but the downside is that you can lose money a whole lot quicker. With turbo mode on, you probably do 10 spins a minute on a RNG table.

For the paranoid the main reason to choose live over RNG is the chances of it being rigged. Its easy to imagine a dodgy casino rigging a random number to thwart your system but its harder to imagine that they’d do it on a live table. Even then though, some people think that live studio roulette is rigged.

Its not, the ball just spins like that because of the way croupier throws the ball. Happens all the time where it looks like its going to bounce in one number but then goes in to another. It just happens that this looked like it was going in to 26 but landed in zero. Equally likely it could looked like it was landing in zero but landed in 26. Nothing would have been said if it was that way round.

Thats just my opinion though. To be 100% sure of fairness you have to go to a live online roulette table from a real casino. As you are watching a feed from a live casino, it’d be almost impossible for them to rig it. If you suspected something was wrong, you could send a friend in there and bet on the rigged numbers.

But there is really no need to worry about whether roulette is fixed. It is but only mathematically, the casino isn’t going to risk everything to cheat a little more money out of you by changing the outcome. If you are not convinced though, sign up to somewhere like Dublin Bet where its a live feed from a real casino.